Deposit Information

Why overhauled articles?

As you can see in some of the offered articles, we charge a deposit on certain articles.
The deposit must be paid in advance, together with the selling price, or in cash when the item is collected.

The deposit will be refunded after the return of the old spare part.

The original idea of exchange parts is the reconditioning of the defective spare part.
Up to 70% can be recycled and repaired.

With the introduction of new reprocessed products, WABCO constantly contributes to this,
to reduce environmental pollution. By purchasing our Green Label Reman products, which are designed in terms of
functionality and performance are comparable to new products from WABCO, you can support the
WABCO's commitment to sustainability.
Safety is of paramount importance at WABCO, which is why the remanufactured compressors are
offer the same quality and performance levels as new equipment.

All production processes are supported by rigorous Six Sigma Lean processes, with additional
Guaranteed by ISO TS 16949:2009 certification.

- The replacement parts protect the environment
- The replacement parts cost significantly less compared to the new part.
- The replacement parts are in no way inferior to original parts in terms of quality.

General terms and conditions
It is only possible to return to us old parts supplied by APART GmbH.
In addition, the old compressor must have been manufactured by WABCO.

Old parts must always be returned to us complete and undamaged.
The returned old part must not show any coarse mechanical damage due to accident or broken parts.

The returned cores must bear one of the part numbers according to the sticker from the original packaging.
The cores must be fully assembled and in a rebuildable condition. Burnt products or cores that have been broken, damaged or destroyed due to improper use, disassembly, handling or transport will not be accepted.
Rust that occurs on the outer surface of components is acceptable. Internal surfaces and components may show only slight flash rust.
Strong rust due to improper storage is not permitted.

The return shipment must be made at the customer's own expense.
An old part return on site is of course possible.
The exact address can be found in our imprint.

The source and further information can be found here.